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What is a Life Group
ow do I become a member?
What if I don’t fancy the idea?

So many questions…
Here we hope to answer some of those and explain more about what we mean by Life Groups and how being part of one might help you – and others!

What are they?

A Life Group is simply a group of people who share something in common. As part of a church community it is likely that a significant part of this would be their faith in Jesus, but there’s nothing wrong with a Life Group which meets together to learn what it means to be a Christian – those attending an Alpha Course would certainly have that in common.

Maybe they have a common interest in music – they may be people who lead the songs during worship services. Or it may be a group of women who attend a particular church fellowship regularly, or a men’s group who walk together.

As people meet together to share whatever it is they have in common, they do so in a safe environment knowing that other group members care about them. They can freely share and discuss how knowing Jesus affects them day by day. This helps Life Group members to build each other up in their faith and support them through some of life’s daily difficulties, both practically and in prayer.

Do I have to belong?

It is not compulsory to belong to a Life Group but it is a well-recognised fact that people build good relationships in small groups of 10-20 people. It’s a number that allows you to get to know each other pretty well, yet not too many that you might be overwhelmed. Being part of a Life Group gives you the opportunity to spend time with a group of people you know better.

It is sometimes hard to share with people in a busy church building about something that is troubling you, when one person might be dashing home to get lunch, or another might be distracted by children running around.

But if you just want to be a member of church who attends on a Sunday for collective worship, then that’s fine.

Can I still go to church on Sunday?

Sunday worship is a time when the church comes together to praise and worship God and to hear teaching from the Bible. These are great times and we certainly encourage all church members to meet together regularly for worship.

The idea of Life Groups is that your group is your Christian “base”, where you meet, share, pray and worship together, and maybe work out ways to share your faith with your non-Christian friends and neighbours.

Church worship – whether it be on Sunday or a different day – is a bonus, if you like, rather than the starting point of your Christian life-journey.

Want to know more?

To find out more or to join a Life Group please contact Rev Alan Saunders: