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Corridor Project

The New Corridors project is now complete. Take a look at the finished result in the above photos. It looks impressive and provides a modern and accessible entrance to church.

In 2020, St. Peter’s Church celebrated it’s 180th birthday. Those of us worshipping here today are benefiting from the stewardship and care of previous generations. We want to make sure that St. Peter’s is ready to provide a gospel platform for the next 180 years and for future generations of worshippers. However, we still have a number of repairs to carry out, including repairs to the east stained glass window, replacing the carpet in church and repairs to the church tower.

We are grateful to all who have contributed so far to our Big Vision, but, as with all building projects, there is always more to do. If you would like to contribute to the cost of developing our buildings as welcoming, pleasant and more versatile places, then your donation would be very gratefully received. Please visit our Giving page.

Below is a selection of photos showing the progress of the work on the corridors.