Walking group

This summer, we are taking a group of young people from the parishes of St Peter’s Halliwell and Christ Church Pennington to DTI (Dreaming The Impossible), a Christian youth festival!

DTI is a 5-day festival that aims to inspire young people in their faith and walk with Jesus!
However, this trip comes at a cost; we have asked young people and their families to pay towards the ticket price (£120 per child). There are also additional costs that we as a church would like to subsidise, which is where your help comes in.

For example, Mini-bus hire, Leaders Tickets (we have a team of leaders who are giving up their holiday to run this trip, and it’s only fair that they don’t have to pay for their ticket). We would like to subsidise the cost of some of the food and any young people whose families cannot pay the total ticket price.
Since last year the cost of attending DTI has increased and we are taking more young people which means more food and bigger transport!

We are looking for around £3000 to cover these costs, we will be doing some fundraising events over June & July, but please donate via this fundraising link if you would like to give a one-off donation.

Taking young people away to festivals like this, giving them space to encounter Jesus in a way that is relevant to them is life changing! 

So any support to make the trip happen will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Kristen Allen (St Peters Halliwell) 
Alison Urquhart (Christ Church Pennington)