About St Peters Church

St. Peter’s Church (Grade II Listed Parish Church built in 1840) is situated in a residential area; housing is reasonable priced, mainly terraced and semi-detached with some detached. The church was extended to include a kitchen, lounge area and toilets in the 1980s. The pews have been removed providing flexibility in the way the building is used.

About St Peter's Church

St Peters is a large evangelical church with an average Sunday attendance of around 400 people each week across our 9.30, 11am, 11.15am and 6.30pm services, engaging with all ages through lively and relevant worship and teaching. In our services we seek to equip and support one another to be disciples out in the world as each of us goes about our daily lives. As a church we are passionate about reaching out to our wider community and sharing the Gospel. The day-to-day ministry of St Peters is overseen and supported by members of the St Peters Leadership Team.

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