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Lent activities -  created 06 Feb 2018

This Lent there is a chance to try something different! Whether you are already part of a Connect group or not. Everyone is invited to join one of our wide range of different small groups that will run weekly for 5/6 weeksthrough Lent. Watch this space for more information... Our launch night is pancake Tuesday, 13th February, 7:30 at 9pm at St. Andrews Church (The Hope Centre) and will be a Parish-wide Connect Lent 2018 Marketplace with Pan-cakes Contact Oli Preston,, 01204 465481, or Janette Daeth at for more information.


The brand new and shiny St. Peter’s Blog!

Welcome to the first edition -  created 07 Feb 2018

Welcome to the first edition of the new St. Peter’s blog! One of the challenges of being a relatively large church is that there is a lot going on, and there is a risk that even our regular church members may not be fully aware of everything! At a recent Ministry Leaders meeting, a plea was made that we should explore methods of improving our communication. This is an attempt to address that by sharing stories concerning what God is doing, often quietly and unobtrusively, in our midst. The intention is that a new article will appear approximately monthly, and the blog will focus both on specific events that have happened in the previous month as well as providing a “behind the scenes” look at some of our established ministries. We will include interviews with some of the key people involved as well as some pictures to try to give you a flavour of what God is doing. So, what’s happened in January 2018? Well one event that might have escaped the notice of many has been the Worship Leaders meeting one Saturday morning. This was attended by worship leaders and musicians both from our Parish and from several nearby churches including the Bridge Church and St John’s, Farnworth. The aim of the morning was to encourage and re-invigorate the attendees, as well as to discuss issues of common concern, such as how to manage band dynamics and what technology to use. The morning was led by Paul Saxon and speakers included Ben Matthews and Keith Forester. Future meetings will be extended to include members of other churches and may cover topics such as vocal training from an invited specialist. This is just one example of St Peter’s acting a resource church for the local Christian community! One of the most exciting events this month has been to see several people re-affirm their Baptismal promises. Many of them have amazing stories of how God has worked in their lives, releasing them from addictions like gambling, healing families or releasing them from debilitating debt. Seeing them each standing at the front of church telling their individual stories prior to immersion in the Baptismal pool is incredibly moving! We’re at the start of the year and planning has started for various exciting events that will occur in future months. Our plans include an Easter flash-mob, Party in the Park during the summer, the Global Leadership Summit in October, a concert in November and Smithills Christmas Market. More details on these and other events nearer the time. It will be another exciting year! If you would like to comment on anything in this blog, please email

If you would like to comment on anything in this blog, please email

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Transforming Bolton together, in Jesus name.
At St Peter’s we believe that we are called to be part of God’s work of transformation in our town. Our mission is to make God’s love real to the people on our frontlines, parish and town.

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